See, that’s how you do it!

You may remember the rants I had about the awful new web-sites launched by Hope, Mojo and 24Seven a while back. I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see the mountain bike industry launch a decent website. Well at long last it’s happened: Santa Cruz Bicycles UK have redesigned – and sugarstreet did a damn good job of it.

It looks fantastic. It works well. The HTML code is good. The Javascript is unobtrusive and the site continues to work with it switched off. The images have meaningful alt-content. The content is good.

Obviously it’s not perfect: The navigation isn’t particularly bulletproof and falls apart when I scale the text up. That’s just about all I can find that’s wrong with it right now though, which puts it leagues ahead of most other bike-related sites.

Good work peeps.

[Disclaimer: Mattmagic, the designer behind the redesign, is a friend of mine. My verdict on the website would be the same if I didn’t know him from Adam.]

2 Responses to “See, that’s how you do it!”

1. SimonB

Matt rocks. All they need to do now is speed up their server a bit :)

2. matt

HEllo, thanks, Olly /blushes/

I have to admit that the JS on the front page isn’t unobtrusive, mainly because I had about 10 seconds to do it (because I wanted to ride my bike), so I bunged the old Dreamweaver image swapper stuff in there (it will be fixed soonish, along with the return of everyone’s favourite clickyflipper, the Colour Picker).. there are some other niggles I’m working though., too

Right about the Nav, but, well, you can’t have everything..

And once again, thanks for the kind words.