Go Ape!

Brett flies towards the cargo net

It was Owen’s 30th birthday the other day, so to celebrate it a bunch of us descended on Go Ape! in the Forest of Dean.

Put simply, it’s a great big ewok-village style obstacle course set up to 35ft in the air. When you’re that high up, all of the front goes out the window and you can really see who’s scared – It’s usually not the people you’d expect.

The highlights of the whole thing had to be the zip-wires. They pale into insignificance compared to the Fantasticable, but they’re great fun nonetheless. Clip on, jump forwards and WHEEEEEEE! You’d inevitably crash land at the other end (unless you were Ben), filling your shoes and pants with wood-chippings. Sweet.

The pictures are up on Flickr should you be interested.

4 Responses to “Go Ape!”

1. Steve

Ace. We’ve got one of those up the road. I just need my eldest to grow a bit :)

2. T1

Cool, bet I could hurt myself there !

3. Sara

that sounds awesome. I did something like that when i was 12!

4. Mike from Cyprus

Wow! So cool! I also want to go there! I like to feel adrenalin!