They said I was brave to lend him my bike.

SMS From: Brett Mob
08.07.2005    21:23
Olly, kind of fell
off your bike and
put a cut in
stanchion :( i
asked at shop
and can get a
new crown +
stanchions 4 £70
so i'll pay for new
ones, sorry

[For the uninitated, the stanchions are the sliders that go up and down in the suspension fork]

7 Responses to “They said I was brave to lend him my bike.”

1. SimonB

Ooops :)

2. matt


3. Owen

How’d he do that? Is there anything Brett can’t break?


4. Olly

He fell off a bridge apparently. On the last corner of Skyline.

5. matt

“Now I do not believe you wanted to do that, did you, eh? eh?”

6. Owen

Ah, the old “Falling off a bridge” routine eh. Well, we’ve all be there…

7. matt

I’ve not fallen off one… I’ve ENTIRELY missed one, though!