London Buses

Firefox 2 Microsoft aren’t the only ones releasing a new browser this week.

Mozilla have stepped up and released Firefox 2, the latest version of their browser. A built-in spell-checker and protection against fraudulent & malicious web-sites are amongst the new features.

If you already use Firefox, the built-in update system should let you know about the download shortly (if it hasn’t already). If you aren’t you really ought to give it a go — Grab a copy from

10 Responses to “London Buses”

1. matt

I’ll get on this one when I have the right change.

2. Owen

Can I use an Oyster card?

3. SimonB

I like the spellchekker, will com in handy.

4. Weon

Wah wah waaaaaaah

5. matt

That was good for Simon.

6. Caz Mockett

It’s all shiny and stuff! NOT like a London bus…
Question is, which of us will be mistaken for The Nutter On The Bus????

7. Olly


8. Caz Mockett

Yeah, OK, fair point I guess ;-)

9. Sean

My FF update wont tell me that it is ready.


10. James Chen

How much is the fare?