Heads Up: Internet Explorer 7 is here

Just a quickie to note that Microsoft have released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. Get it while it’s hot!

This will be pushed out via Windows Update in the next few weeks, though it’ll be a non-crititcal as a high-priority update for now. IE7 will not install without asking first. More information on the IE Blog.

[Thanks to Andrew Disley for the tip-off]

14 Responses to “Heads Up: Internet Explorer 7 is here”

1. matt

I’d install that, but, oh look, my windows box isn’t working again.. what a surprise.

2. Owen

I ass-hume that it’ll overwrite 6 instead of giving the useful option of installing alongside?

3. Marc

so far today one security advisory and counting!

4. SimonB

I was just about to write a rant on my site about IE7 but I can’t be arsed. In summary it won’t install on my computer and I get directed to a webpage with about 5 workarounds to get it to install, all of which appear to involve buggering around with the registry. Well, microsoft can bugger off if they think I’m going to go to that sort of effort to make their software work. I might even format the HD on this laptop and install Linux. Cocks.

5. Weon

@SimonB – Ha ha! Great mini-rant!

6. Olly

It will indeed overwrite IE6. Handily, you can get an installer that installs IE 3 through 6 in standalone mode: http://tredosoft.com/Multiple_IE

There are some issues with them, but it’s better than nothing.

7. matt

IE in security hole SHOCKER!

I’ve heard it puts all the toolbars in a silly order too.. FIREFOX FOREVER

8. SimonB

Firefox 2 is out now, I will use that instead :)

9. Olly

Not (officially) until tomorrow it’s not :)

10. SimonB

I downloaded it today :)

It seems very similar to 1.5 except that they’ve copied the tabs from Opera9. I expect there’s some other new stuff I don’t know about.

11. Olly

You’re a bad man Simon :)

12. SimonB

Sue me :)

13. Marc

“You’re a bad man Simon :)”

that bloke you linked to wants to get a life!

or maybe someone should explain to him how the internet works…

14. Olly

Tell us all how the internet works Marc :)