The dead leaves and the dirty ground

Say good bye to the summer, autumn’s here with a vengeance.

Myself and Weon had a fairly typical autumnal ride. We encountered everything from blazing sunshine to torrential rains with howling winds chucked in for good measure. The leaves carpeting the ground made navigating some of the unfamiliar trails an interesting exercise in guesswork. They were all still on the trees the last time I was there. Still, we didn’t get lost at all.

We blasted down dry hard-packed single-track and ploughed through axle-deep bogs. We sheltered from the weather in a forest and ate cake, fruit and chocolate. We wheel-span up slick wet grass hillsides and picked our way down rocky technical descents that had us shouting expletives as the bikes misbehaved beneath us. We kept riding until we were both completely and utterly exhausted.

It added up to about 30 mainly off-road miles all in all. I feel a bit broken now, but with that satisifed “I did good stuff today” feeling. Rocking.

I really should have cleaned the bike when I got back.

5 Responses to “The dead leaves and the dirty ground”

1. matt

Wooo! mud rules.
I took a new route today that involved a path that filled my shoes with water in about 10 seconds.. oops

2. Simon

I exercised my shooter making skills inside out of that nasty weather stuff. However I didn’t wake up the next day with that “I did good stuff” feeling, more a “I did blue stuff… and green and yellow and urgh…” :p

3. Steve

30 miles! Superhuman!
I barked my ankle losing the front wheel on the lamest of obstacles this morning :)

4. Olly

Ouch! Well done.

I rode through dog poo this morning. One was not amused.

5. James Chen

It’s time for cleaning right?