Nah, those things never happen to me

Matt’s not the only one who’s had their credit card used fraudulently recently.

I had a phone-call from Barclaycard this morning to inform me that my card had been used for some bizarre transactions over the past few days and ask if it was me. I’ve not used it for ages, so it came as something of a surprise.

They started out by buying a bus ticket over the internet. When that went through, they tried for a few big purchases. Big red lights flashed and klaxons sounded at the Barclaycard Fraud Investigation Department bunker (I guess because I rarely use the card) and thankfully, they declined most of it.

They’ve cancelled the card and are sending me some forms to fill in. It’s a good job they phoned me, or I probably wouldn’t have noticed until the next statement came through in about a month’s time.

So keep an eye on your card statements. You never know who else might be buying things on your behalf…

5 Responses to “Nah, those things never happen to me”

1. Matt 33 1/3

Damn Barclays! Just wish i had bought a return ticket! By the time i got to london and thought i was on for a spending spree the account had been frozen and i had to find my own way home :(

2. matt

My card company didn’t alert me of the unathorised transaction, which isn’t very good.
I have a new card now, which I’m too lazy to activate.

3. Olly

No probs there, they can’t use it for fraudulent purposes until you do :)

4. SimonB

Thieving cnuts.
I never used to check my bank account/CC very often but I guess I should from now on :(

5. V Parti

You find all kinds of banks and their service levels. You are lucky that they identified the theft.