“Are you OK?”

I looked up at her with what must have been a look of blind panic across my face. I had absolutely no idea where I was, what the hell was going on, or indeed who she was. Why is everything blurry?

Mr Hodgson? Are you OK?
Erm… wha?

I can see now. Oh, hang on. I know this place. You’re a nurse aren’t you?

Um, I think I must have passed out.

You see, about five minutes earlier, they’d taken that fetching blue plaster off of my hand (mmm, yellow and smelly) and handed me a leaflet explaining what might happen. The first thing in there?

You may find you feel faint or nauseous — don’t be alarmed — this is because your limb has been in a cast for some time.

I wandered out into the waiting room, then almost immediately got called into another room to wait for the doctor to get around to me. So I sat down to wait for a while. Next thing I know, I’m looking up at the nurse, wondering what the hell was happening. They moved me onto the adjacent bed and put an oxygen mask on my face.

I was feeling relatively normal after about ten minutes, so the doctor came back. He said it’d continue to hurt for a while (he’s right, it does) because I haven’t used it for weeks. No bat or raquet sports, pneumatic drills or power-tools for the time being. Jogging or swimming is fine though (boring!). Come back in a couple of weeks for a check-up.

I asked about mountain biking and he said I ought not to for a little while — but my commute on the road ought to be OK. That amused me, given the state of Cheltenham’s roads. I may also have neglected to mention I have a tendency to hoon off speed bumps and and down flights of stairs en-route to work. I might have a spin on the Cove tomorrow and see how it feels.

Oh, I still appear to be operating left-handed. What gives?

5 Responses to ““Are you OK?””

1. matt

Passing out is brilliant! I really smashed my head off the floor when I did it, ROCK ON!

2. SimonB

Ooops! Was the nurse pretty?

3. Weon

Good work my friend. So how come you pass out when they remove the cast? Is it something to do with the smell?

4. Olly

I don’t know. The leaflet didn’t say and I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask.

Perhaps it’s the brain going “Whoa! We’ve got movement people! The wrist is moving and so are the fingers! Can’t cope! PANIC! INITIATE EMERGENCY SHUT-DOWN!” [fade to black]?

5. Stuart

Woah! I didn’t know that happened. I’m glad you made it through okay, and I hope the trips to work can still be fun without refracturing anything.