A fetching shade of blue

This is what happens when you fall off your mountain bike.

So I went to see the fracture clinic today.

I explained to the doctor how it happened, obviously telling the whole story, because I’m starting to feel a bit silly every time I say “I fell off my mountain bike“. He took a look at the x-rays and frowned. “Hmmm” he said, before going to get the other doctor.

Ooooh-kaaay then. What the hell does that mean? I’ll just sit here and worry for a while then.

They returned and had a short dicussion before deciding that they didn’t need to operate after all. “We’d like to, but only because it’s more fun. These heal up perfectly well in the vast majority of cases.”


So they gave me this shiny blue plaster. I go back in three weeks to have the plaster removed and a bit of physio on my fingers. Hopefully it’ll all be fine…

Later on, at work, Maxine commented that it looked rather festive. Maybe I should have asked for red?

12 Responses to “A fetching shade of blue”

1. matt

How long til ‘fell of bike’ becomes ‘fort off a bear’ ?

2. Weon

If you like I’ll operate on you instead. I have a bottle of TCP to fight of any infection so it can’t be too fraught with danger…

Call me Doctor Nick

3. samuri

Aaah Olly, you poor lamb!

Hope you get better soon.

4. matt

I have a rusty Stanley knife you can borrow, Weon

5. Steve

A bear you say? I saw a woman yesterday with a really cool adjustable plastic splint thing, they should really focus on making injuries more fun.

6. Pete

@Weon: Hiiiiiiiiiiii Dr Nick!

@Olly: Good news that they didn’t need to operate

7. Richard

Dude, Blue is So not your colour…

Can’t you get the old fashioned white plaster casts that everyone can sign and write abuse on anymore… :-)

Guess we just do it in here instead!

8. SimonB

Looks lovely Olly. Good news about not needing an op :)

9. Weon

@Pete: Hallo Evreebody!

10. Sara

I think the blue is nice. It goes with your skin tone.

11. g-dog

well at least you didn’t say you fell over only to get accused of fighting

12. Olly

Mmm, though they did say it’s a very common boxing injury.