It’s nearly film season again

CFSIt’s that time of year again: Cheltenham Film Society are about to enter their 61st season. Every couple of weeks throughout the winter, they show non-mainstream films from all over the world. It’s great if you’re into that sort of thing — you should join in!

I have a tendency to forget when the films are on, so I’ve put together a Google Calendar to tell me just that, along with what they’re about and so on. What’s more, I’ve made it public. It’s available in a couple of formats:

  • iCal: For users of Apple iCal, Google Calendar and any other software that supports the iCal format.
  • Atom: For use in your News/Feed-reader of choice.

I hope it’s useful to someone out there.

2 Responses to “It’s nearly film season again”

1. matt

That’s a good idea, Oliver.

2. Weon

It certainly is – I even added it into Sage. You should faint more often- apparently it causes you to have good ideas!