A quick tip on concentration

I’m easily distracted in the office, especially when I’m working on something less than engaging. Here’s two things I’ve started doing to aid concentration:

  1. Set your browser’s homepage to the web-site you’re working on right now, as opposed to something eternally distracting like popurls.
  2. Hide the bookmarks toolbar, so you’re not tempted to click on any of the lovely buttons sat there saying click me!

Simple things, but they work for me. Anybody got any others?

7 Responses to “A quick tip on concentration”

1. Weon

Realise that you really need to do the work in order to pay the mortgage. That usually helps me to concentrate.

2. Olly

Yeah, that’d do it :)

3. matt

Close email.
Remember the faster you work the less you have to work.

4. Ian

I finding switching to a task that is non work related greatly increases my concentration, and then switching back to work only when panic levels have reached a suitably excessive point :)

5. Pete

Turn off RSS feeds to friends blog sites.

6. Olly


Closing the feed reader altogether is far more effective.

7. matt

And in non-computery advice: eat a proper breakfast, like toast, weetabix, things high in fibre and goodness, proper lunch (apparently 2pm-3pm is the time when most workers get restless), get good night’s sleep, lots of water to keep you clean inside, keep a “to do list” so you can concentrate on the work, not on what trying to remember what you’re supposed to be doing.

(p.s. do as I say not as I do ;) )