Proper broken!

Well, my busted hand didn’t seem to be getting any better, so I took a trip down to casualty to see what they thought. Obviously I was armed with stories from friends along the lines of Oh, there isn’t much they can do, they’ll just strap your fingers together or something.

Some hours later, I emerged with a cast from my fingers most of the way up to my elbow. Great. Still, the break looked ace on the x-ray. I’ve snapped the outermost metacarpal (I think) good and proper.

It’ll be interesting to see how I cope with work for the next few weeks. I guess I’ll have to become ambidextrous with the mouse…

11 Responses to “Proper broken!”

1. matt

EEP! I’ve heard they’re bad to snap, because erm.. bollox I forget, there’s some reason, like they set lumpy or you get hands like Wolverine or summit.

2. Pete

Ouch. Perhaps you should try and get a mouse ball set into your cast and wire up a little USB cable to it?

3. brett

What ! you nut at least you can say you did a run of super morzine with a broken hand ! gnarly

4. SimonB


5. Olly

you get hands like Wolverine

That sounds 100% of ACE!

6. Weon

Does that make you super-hard for having a broken hand for almost a week before going to the hospital or super-dumb for having a broken hand for almost a week before going to the hospital?

Here, have some healing vibes…

{vibes – – – – ooh}

7. Olly

Er, yes. And thanks :)

8. Molly E. Holzschlag

Ollie, ouch!

But just think, you could draw XHTML tags onto your cast, and then style according to your daily mood :)

9. Olly


I’ve got a nice blue cast now.

10. rob

Yes m8, same break as the 1 a recived couple of wks ago when down day after the mornin of the town fight, 2 get my split, which is like a half cast thing on inner arm up to a swan shaped pos, wrist bk fingers bent over.

4 wks time it should be as gd as new yes u can still fight the same really. apart from 2 things mayb knuckle fraction set bk and sm lump on bk of hand. i got both.

this is recived by punch or catchin ur opponent wrong. which is y it is called the ‘boxers break’ – o also if u punch a wall.

11. stevo

are u allowed to do stuff like snowboard w/ the cast????