Our bicycles are cursed

We’re riding in and around Morzine in the French Alps. It seems the trail-pixies up here don’t like Orange 22x bikes for some reason:

  • Nick fell off his Orange 222 in a big way within thirty seconds of starting his first ride out here a week or so ago. He broke nearly every major part of his bike and he’s covered in scabs and bruises, but at least he’s out there riding.
  • Gary fell off his Orange 224 while riding the Mega Avalanche, busting a rib. He can’t sneeze, cough or laugh, let alone ride his bike.
  • Anton re-opened a large wound in his leg whilst riding his Orange 224 into a tree somewhere near the Super-Morzine on Tuesday.
  • Charlie fell off his Orange 222 on the way back from Chatel on Wednesday. He went down hard on his front, before bike came down square across his shoulders, doing in his clavicles. He’s on his second day off the bike.
  • Literally two minutes after he got back up, I fell off my Orange 222 in a big way (trying to overtake him) and busted my right hand. Simon told me that was the biggest crash I’ve seen in a long, long time. I too am on my second day off. It’s feeling a bit better today though.

Of course, everybody else in the group is still in one piece. It’s quite clearly because they’re riding Santa Cruz, Mr Big, Ancilotti and Intense bikes.

My theory is completed by Mr Steve Peat, who fell off of his Orange 224 on the last corner of his World Championship run two years ago. At the time, he was a good couple of seconds ahead of the eventual winner, Fabien Barel. Where was this? Why, it was just up the road at Les Gets.

Thankfully, the two days riding that preceeded the accident were fantastic fun, including a great run right from the top of Les Gets’ Mont Chery course (the lift doesn’t go all the way up – you have to walk from the top of the bike park lift) and a stormer of a day riding in Chatel with Colin Williams of Team Yeti UK fame. The 303 DH rail bike does work after all, and it’s a really lovely thing in the flesh. Another one for the wish-list: I bet it doesn’t pick up enourmous rocks and fling you over the handlebars…

11 Responses to “Our bicycles are cursed”

1. SimonB

Does indeed sound like Orange bikes are cursed!

2. Owen

Ulp! Maybe I won’t come next year then – not sure I can risk the Orange curse!

I assume you are making the most of not riding by spending the time drinking French beer, eating lovely Frrench food and admiring the French girls, er, I mean countryside.

3. Olly

Ah, but yours isn’t an Orange 22x. And yes, yesterday myself and Nick found a creperie with a hot waitress and fantastically strong coffee. It took hours to come down from the sugar/caffeine high :)

4. Matt 33 1/3

I’m just shocked that Brett hasn’t injured himself! Something is definately wrong in them thar hills…

5. matt

healing vibes and all that

6. Steve

Chilled vibes and ting

7. grant

>healing vibes and all that

Oh dear. It’s all gone STW. :-)

u r Jedi. :-P

Sorry to hear about the injury though. Makes mine insignificant.

8. Pete

I ate an orange at work today and have been feeling unwell this afternoon. Perhaps the curse continues……

9. brett

i made it without buying a pair of forks and i didnt even crash, ahh it was fun. olly you havent mentioned being sick or passing out i belive this to be a biased report :)

10. Olly

I’d only done one of those things when I wrote this :)

Thanks for the healing vibes and ting peeps!

11. Doug Clinton

I stayed in Morzine a couple of years ago and went up to Les Gets where I did the only bit of serious downhill biking I’ve ever got around to. Great fun and I wish I could do some more but there aren’t too many opportunities in London and I don’t seem to have the time to get out anywhere else.