First Annual Naked Day: April 05 2006

So, Dustin Diaz has come up with the idea of Naked Day. It’s simple really, you just switch off your website’s stylesheets for the whole of April 5th.

It’ll be interesting to see how well all of the participating sites out there work without stylesheets. Mine’s not too bad, but it could definitely be better.

I’ve put the stylesheets back now, after all it’s now April 6th here and I can’t stand to look at the nudeness anymore.

12 Responses to “First Annual Naked Day: April 05 2006”

1. SimonB

My site breaks horribly without CSS. I won’t be participating. Maybe I’ll just stay naked all day instead.

2. matt

“My site breaks horribly without CSS.”

no it doesn’t

3. SimonB

Yes it does. It just puts everything in a big long list.

4. Olly

Aye, that’s what it’s supposed to do :)

5. SimonB

Oh. I don’t like that.

6. matt

You would if you were blind.

7. Olly

Quick, poke his eyes out with a spoon!

8. matt


9. Simon

Thank god for that, I nearly had visions of Olly in the nude and that was not a pleasant thought at all I can tell you.

My main site seems to be useable without CSS, a few things dont get spaced out quite so well but its not too bad.

10. matt

Olly’s waiting for “Naked and Covered in Jam Day”

which I will name “Unleash the Bees Day”

11. Olly

Mmmm… jam :)

12. matt

Your nakedness works better than mine.