The problem with Creme Eggs…

…is that they’re over too soon.

19 Responses to “The problem with Creme Eggs…”

1. matt

and they’re smaller than they used to be.

oo time for the yearly anecdote.

My mate’s mum worked at Premier Brands which made Creme Eggs, they also made them for the French market, so we’d feast on malformed L’Ouef Fondants when he brought a box to school around Easter time.


Sorry, that was really dull.. I’ll try and make it more exciting next year.

2. grant

I just ate one. Spooky.

3. trovster

I went to a seminar of how they make Creme Eggs, strange! Although, they maybe ‘over too soon’ they’re in the shops months before and after Easter, so plenty of time to eat loads.

4. matt

.. and on offer in Tesco at the moment, something like 12 for 6 quid…

5. Olly

I read today that they can make 66000 an hour and produce them all year round in order to keep up with demand for the three months of the year that they do sell them.

B O N K E R S.

6. Owen

They make my teeth hurt

7. Posie

One is never un’oeuf and two is too many

CCE’s are my fave…and yes, I took advantage of tesco’s offer yesterday…. its 24 for 6 quid!! Bargain.

8. SimonB

24 for £6? Ace, I’m off to Tescos shortly :)

9. Olly

Mmm, I shall be stopping in on the way home :)

10. matt

TWENTY FOUR FOR SIX QUID?! that’s bellytastic :)

11. SimonB

I decided that spending £6 on creme eggs was silly.

12. matt

you spend £12?

13. SimonB


14. Olly


15. Del

We’ve just had an arguement in the office about them being smaller than they used to be. Has anyone seen any evidence of this? I need to prove it to the doubters.

16. Cat Lake

Check out …

17. Olly

Heh, brilliant :D

18. ryu

i bet i could eat loads in one go …… i could realy die for one right now mmmmmm cream egg……. he he he =)

19. ryu

i bet i could eat loads of them in one go their that good! i could realy die for one right now……….mmmmmmm cream eggs lol =)