Frustration is…

…spending about an hour trying to figure out a Javascript error that came out of nowhere, only to discover that it was my own debugging code that was causing the issue.


4 Responses to “Frustration is…”

1. Sara


Sorry, I’ve done this before. It’s usually with php though. I can laugh because I know you will laugh right back at me :)

2. Sara

oh.. comlpletely off topic, but did I tell you I saw the premiere of Lost on Wed night?


3. Olly

Not jealous. Not at all.

/fires up bittorrent.

4. your #1 fan

If it helps, I spend an hour trying to figure why something wasn’t working with an install I was doing… then I realised I was pointing the site at the wrong server..

But, not my money, not my worry ;)