Frustration is also…

…cliff-hangers on the end of TV programmes. Like for instance the one at the end of Lost season 2 episode 1.

What’s more, I can’t really talk about it, because everyone else in this country is still watching season 1, and I have to wait another week before I’ll be able to get the next episode on t’internet!


21 Responses to “Frustration is also…”

1. Sara

You can always talk about it with me. I told ou it was good. I’ll let you know how it is again next Wednesday night :D.

2. matt

You’re nothing but a scrotty pirate, Hodgson.. you hear that?
I bet you’re feeling appropriately ashamed now…… what do you mean “no” ?

3. Olly

You’re just jealous ;-) Anyway, it’s just like I’m watching it on Tivo or SkyPlus – it’s just that it happens to be someone else’s Tivo… in another country.

4. Owen


5. Owen

Also, bring back the daily reads! I demand it!

6. SimonB

I have not seen any ‘lost’. I bet it’s rubbish.

7. Olly

You think everything is rubbish today Mr misery guts ;-)

Is that better Owen? (They only appear on the front page)

8. Owen

Yay! Thanks Olly, I love you.

9. Simon

I dont love you, neither of my sites are on the list :-( I even update them now and everything :-p

10. Sara

I love you! Thanks for reading my site Olly!

11. Sara

Season 2, episode 2 will piss you off Olly! bastards!!

12. Olly


13. Sara

It’s still good, but.. damn them! TEASE!

14. Sara

Off topic: Why are some of the gravatars working?


15. Olly

1) Not everybody has a gravatar.
2) Gravatar are apparently struggling with the traffic a bit right now.
3) Lost is S2E2 downloading as I type :)

16. Sara

Frustration is when I keep coming back here and there aren’t any new posts.

But it does make it easier to harass you :)

17. Owen

Yeah, come on Olly. Pull your finger out and post something dammit. My only other alternative is work and we all know how tiresome that can be.

18. Olly

Oh do stop whinging you big smeggers.

19. Sara

Sheesh. Is this any way to treat your fans? Perhaps Owen and I should take over your site. I think I need to go visit Owen’s site to get my daily fix of britishness.

20. Simon

There must be some news on your newest of odd frames or something Olly, i’ve read the sun online and gone through the bbc I need something to read… even bike related stuff!

21. Owen

Ha ha! I’m poaching readership! Not in a cookery sense though, that would just be cruel.

That Quarters From Hell thing was quite entertaining but nowhere near as good as your own incoherant ramblings.