Beginning of another…

First ride out on the new triple-two today. I think we’re going to get along just fine. I got on it for the first run down Leckhampton’s main DH track and instantly felt at home. It’s a fair bit slacker and plusher than the Azonic, which only serves to make it more friendly.

At first I didn’t think I was actually going any faster than I used to on the Azonic. But then I started arriving at corners carrying quite a lot more speed that I had done previously, needing all the brakes I could get hold of just to bring myself to a halt. I rode straight down steep slopes that had always scared the life out of me before. I can tell this bike is really capable. Now it’s just the rider that needs to improve…

Update: Now with added picturey goodness!

21 Responses to “Beginning of another…”

1. your #1 fan

You’re 2 cool 4 skool.

I improved my bike by putting some air in the forks now they headangles not somewhere around 60 degrees when I’m pointing downwards or braking!

The damping’s still foobarred :o


2. Olly

Thanks Matt ;-)

Send your forks to Mojo, they’ll make them all better. They won’t approve of my bike though, it’s got a braking arm.

3. Owen

A breaking arm? Sounds painful. I think Brett’s got one of those, or is it a breaking spleen?

4. Olly


5. your #1 fan

Do they not like braking arms?

6. Olly

Dirt interviewed Chris Porter (Mojo’s head honcho) a few issues back. He went off on a right old rant about multi-pivot bikes, floating brake arms and how moto-cross bikes got rid of all of that technology years ago.

A lot of what he said made sense, but he came across as being a bit fundamentalist about the whole thing. After all, moto-cross bikes aren’t mountain bikes are they?

7. your #1 fan

no they are not.
that said, only a couple of oranges, and a santacruz are bikes I can think with floating brake mounts ;)

who cares, bike works, who cares?

8. Sara

Congratulations. I have a pretty cheap bike, and I rarely ride it; something about the feel of dirt beneath my feet does it for me.

9. grant

Slightly jealous. :-/

Hm, must order pivot bearings for my SC actually…….

It’s getting a new build when the Norco goes, as is the Cove. The issue is, which goes b.u.r.l.y.? HEckler or Stiffee……this is the question.

10. Olly

Both of them do, DUH :)

11. your #1 fan

my heckler’s going Jey :)

(keeping the big shock- just in case)

12. SimonB

Any piccies yet Lolly?

13. Olly

Not yet Mr Barnes. Scratch that, there’s some there now :)

14. SimonB

Bloody hell, what a beast! You’ll be winning world cup downhills with that :)

15. Olly

LOL, I don’t know about that. I reckon I could beat you down one though ;-)

16. your #1 fan

Freaking hell. that’s HAROOOOJE!

17. grant

Olly says:

Both of them do, DUH :)

Hm…’s an option, what with that Kinesis Maxlight frame hanging from the roof doing nothing and all the bits there to make that jey….

Both of them it is. Probably. :-)

18. your #1 fan

Butch up the cove, keep the heckler as is.
or sometihng
I don;t like heavy bikes, except when it’s windy.

19. Owen

Where have the daily reads gone? I can’t be expected to remember all those links!

20. Olly

I hid them while I was playing with another theme, can’t be arsed to put them all back now ;-)

21. Owen