Bizarro hardware from hell

I thought it had died. I really did.

It worked fine yesterday. It was working fine a few minutes ago. Now it won’t get past the BIOS splash screen! Oh crap!

I’ve taken the side off, I’ve made sure everything is properly seated, all the cables are properly plugged in — everything seems fine. It just won’t boot. Oh crap oh crap oh crap.

O.K. Calm down. What’s changed since last time I booted then? I’ve installed a new version of Java – but that won’t have done anything to the BIOS will it? No, can’t be that.

Think, think, think… Hang on, I plugged the printer in didn’t I? That can’t be it, surely? Lets give it a go anyway.

You are bloody kidding me? It won’t boot with a printer plugged into the USB port!? That’s ridiculous! Bloody computers…

3 Responses to “Bizarro hardware from hell”

1. matt

jam a cookie in the cd tray :)

2. Olly

Alas I’ve eaten them all :o(

3. matt

Maybe that was the error:
ErrorĀ #4122:1828 cookie mismatch