The Christmas Collection

Thumbnails of The Christmas Collection

Here’s a selection of pictures I took over the Christmas period. You’ll find friends, relatives and turtles amongst other things. Hope you enjoy them. View the pictures…

12 Responses to “The Christmas Collection”

1. matt

077 : Olly in ‘first up a hill’ shocker!

2. Olly

Oh sod off, you super-fit freakazoid ;-)

3. matt


4. Olly

Is that some kind of crazy dog noise? Or are you a bear?

5. matt

No bears

6. mark

I was gonna say – ” and you think I am scary” but then I realised that the flash is stupidly disturbing – even if you do have some photos that move me in an odd way.

7. Olly

There’s nothing scary about the green people :o)

8. matt

Unless they have big weapons and are actually talking turtles.

9. Olly

Um… do broomsticks and wooden swords count?

10. matt

YES? I am sure even YOU could make a broomhandle scary :)

11. Orlando

Hi all.Where are all the Christmas skins?
The ones I want are only available on sites that bundle them with spyware. Can soomebody tell me where they've gone, ore where to get some without spyware?

12. Little Money

LOL at the guy who painted himself green and the one who dressed up as a ninja turtle.