So many possibilities

This post was originally going to be about the ace bike ride Owen, Will, Dom and myself went for yesterday. I was also writing one about spending New Year with my family. I even started putting together a photopost – a collage of photos I took over the Christmas period (inspired by Smitten). Any one of these might yet become future entries on here.

But I decided to post a picture of the thing that my day has revolved around:

Marks and Spencer Cookie Collection

I seem to have achieved nothing but the consumption of most of these. But then I guess that’s what a bank holiday is for isn’t it? I have to thank the Westbrook family for these. It was an ace Christmas present.

8 Responses to “So many possibilities”

1. matt

mmmmmmm Cookies

2. matt

i need a box of cookies like that, I suppose that is something GREAT about xmas, big boxes of food…mmm mmmmmMM

3. Olly

Ooh, I forgot I’ve got the rest of those! :o)

/wanders off to the kitchen…

4. matt

where can I purchase a bumperbox of cookies?

5. Olly

Those ones came from Magic & Sparkles according to the box. Or any major superduperscoopermarket should sell them. Or you could cook some :o)

6. matt

Marks and Sparks, I have not been in there for years.

7. Dale

Are those M&S cookies?

My mum bought those over christmas, I still think I prefer Somerfiels budget ones :)

8. Olly

You can buy me some if you like :)