Thunderbird ARE GO!

Hey! You lot! I know that you’re still using Outlook or Outlook Express to read your email. That makes your computer ridiculously susceptible to email-borne virii.

The answer to this problem is simple. So simple that even my mum has done it.

Get Thunderbird 1.0.

It’ll even import all of your emails, server details and so on from Outlook for you. It’ll help filter out all of the junk mail you get. If you’re geeky enough it’ll even help you with RSS feeds and Newsgroups. So go do it.


Daniel Wang has written a guide to help users migrate to Thunderbird 1.0, with useful information for users of Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla, Eudora, AOL, and other mail clients .

11 Responses to “Thunderbird ARE GO!”

1. Small Paul

What about if I use Apple Mail? Hmmmmm?

2. Olly

You probably aren’t susceptible to email virii targeted at Windows PC’s running Outlook are you?

Feel free to try Thunderbird anyway :o)

3. grant

Will it transfer all my folder filter shit, eh?




It’s installed, just not using it much as I can’t be arsed setting all the folders back up.

4. matt

I hate Apple Mail
Eudora all the way for me :o)

5. rjw

Real men use mutt :)

6. grant

So what do you use then, richie? ;-)

ooooh, Innerleithen on the 19th. :-)

7. Olly

Well, admittedly, it won’t do filters. But they’re dead easy to set up anyway.

And its not real men that use mutt, its masochists ;-)

8. SimonB

I’m sticking with Outlook at home and Horde Webmail at work. Don’t need any of these new fangled thingies :^)

9. Olly

Pah, you’re just afraid of change ;o)

I’m surprised you’re not using the Opera M2 mailer to be honest. I used it for ages and thought it was absolutely ace! Its just a pity it stopped being particularly useful when I stopped using Opera as my primary browser…

10. SimonB

I don’t like integrated browser/mail stuff, not that I’ve actually tried it!

11. Olly

Try it! Opera M2 and Thunderbird are both much nicer than Outlook! Would I lie to you? ;-)