Man, commuting by bike is fun!

Its only a short blast through town, but I always seem to turn it into a balls out rampage from A to B.

Picture of my Commuter Lights

The Cove is set up as a 32:16 singespeed. I tend to go everywhere at the fastest possible speed, so I always find myself spinning out on the long straight bits.

The flip-side of that is that I can accelerate out of junctions like an ICBM. If there’s any moisture or ice on the ground I find myself spinning out the back wheel as I try to force the full power of my legs through the balding rear tyre.

If there’s any traffic that I have a cat in hells chance of keeping up with, I’ll play the part of that cat and stick to their bumper like a limpet. I’m learning to trackstand for longer and longer at traffic lights, and on the narrow roads, waiting for cars to come the other way. If there’s a kerb in my way I’ll try to hop up it. If there’s a fast sweeping corner I won’t brake if I can get away with it. I’m even starting to dart through gaps in the traffic only slightly wider than my handlebars. Every morning and evening bring me a new challenge.

Its just pure unadulterated fun!

4 Responses to “Man, commuting by bike is fun!”

1. matt

I used to sprint out of lights, but after the surly chain incident I am scared to.
I like chasing cars, I do my couier bit though town using the buslane, waving in and out of the cars and trying to do ace trackstands.. tis fun.

2. Olly

Mmm, I had a similar incident a while back when my freewheel went. I don’t think my knee ever got over that impact :-/

3. matt

it certainly smarts, I have still not sealed up from the surly crash 8 weeks ago.

4. Donk

Commuting slalom is great! stick to 22/23″ bars and you can carve between even smaller gaps, lay your bike over to dodge car mirrors and duck under hgv mirrors:-) i too suffer from the affliction of going everywhere at top speed, not good for knees in this cold weather tho