I seem to have had this cold ever since we went to New York. That’s getting on for a month now, and I just don’t seem able to shake it. Every time I think I’m nearly there, progressing along the road to a snot-free existence I’ll have a couple of late nights or something and just relapse into it.

I woke up this morning so bunged up with phlegm that I could barely speak without coughing a gallon or so of the stuff up (so much so that when I phoned work to tell them I wouldn’t be there, they didn’t understand me at first).

So now I’m consigned to a day of drinking Lemsip, not watching daytime T.V. (its always painfully bad) and trawling the internet for something interesting to read. This is why I avoid sick days unless I’m feeling really crappy. They’re just so flinking dull.

Still, at least the music is making me feel better. I got a text message read out on Radio 1 this morning (something about the Thirteen Senses album being ace), and now I’m listening to Talk Talk‘s Spirit of Eden, which always cheers me up. Its a beautiful chilled masterpiece, completely unlike the synth-pop that made their name. You’d probably hate it.

4 Responses to “Phlegm”

1. matt


2. Olly

I’m on “Sudafed Dual Relief Max” today. It doesn’t seem to be any more effective…

3. Owen

“They didn’t understand me at first” – don’t be afraid to use my name, I won’t be offended!

4. Olly

Everybody else might be though ;-)