Corporate e-mail footers

Does anybody else think that a 431 word disclaimer is perhaps a little bit excessive?

Updated: It would appear that it’s a legal requirement now: Is your Company Website in breach of UK laws – specifically the 2007 Companies Act?

9 Responses to “Corporate e-mail footers”

1. Weon

Yeah, it’s a real waste of paper.

2. matt

Aren’t email disclaimers actually not legally binding too?

3. matt

Good spot, Olly, but that’s only corporate information, not the disclaimer, so I still go with the disclaimer’s a load of woody nonsense, but having the info that your link mentions is good, probably

However I seem to have a lot of sites to add this to now (thanks!), and have you ever tried to *explain* to someone how to add footers automatically to email?

4. Olly

Phone their host and get them to do it at server level ;-)

5. matt

I went one better, I passed it onto someone else!

6. rich

Technically it’s not a legal requirement.

It must be included in “business letters”, email isn’t necessarily a “business letter”, however most people seem to take the easy way out and plaster it over everything, mainly just to piss me off I think.

I keep telling people at work that the mailserver I run doesn’t support boilerplate footers like that :)

7. Leon

I had to implement the new footer at work – so now at least everyone has the same signature, and no images!!

8. Steve

Hm. Re-writing our standards now. Think I’ll continue with the ‘Disclaimers are stupid’ policy. ‘And get rid of that flashing pink Comic Sans RIGHT NOW’.

9. Nick

“Yeah, it’s a real waste of paper.”

We tag a don’t print out unless you need to onto our emails as well. Not sure how much extra CO2 is generated sending the extra bytes :-)

When it comes to accessibililty I hate that the autogenerated code from sites like google search or flickr or name offending website here that you can ‘cut and paste’ into your own website almost always needs tweaking to meet WCAG guidelines. Why can’t they give us WCAG compliant code in the first place?