Moving, keep on moving…

Plenty to catch up on since last time. I’m feeling exhausted as I write, so apologies if it goes a bit random.

The big news: I’ve moved house again. I’m sharing with Brett and Christian again, just like old times. This time though, we’ve bought the place. It’s a nice early-Victorian maisonette in the park area of Cheltenham. If you want/need to know where it is for some reason, drop me a line. It’s just begging for some DIY and we’ve already started re-decorating. Watch this space for some of our more interesting adventures…

Yesterday Anton, Brett and myself drove up to Cwmcarn in south Wales with the downhill bikes, to have a play on a secret track up there. It’s a hell of a push up the mountain and I don’t think we got the top section right at all – we got confused where a load of moto-crosser ruts converged. It was good fun making our way down the random stuff though. The highlight for me was the monster “straight” (lumps, bumps, ruts, rocks, roots, ace!) that feeds into a ludicrously fast bermed corner before spitting you out into a much shorter rock-strewn straight. Chasing Brett and Anton into there was mental, Anton seemed to be climbing all over the front of his bike trying to keep up with Brett. He got a bit over-confident on the steep stuff further down the course and dived headfirst off the side of the course into an awful lot of brambles, slicing his shins up nicely. Mmm, blood. I was annoyed at myself for not riding the evil steep bit (again) but generally had an ace time! I’ll have it next time…

I was absolutely knackered after that, which made it all the more difficult to get up at ludicrous o’clock this morning.

Garry swooped in to drive myself and Charlie all the way up to Llandegla for a blast around the trails there. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with the place. The trails had their high points (there were some nice corkscrews and berms to play on), but they just didn’t really “flow” for me. The black runs were quite fun, but nowhere near the awesome roller-coasters I’d been led to believe they’d be. I thought maybe it was just me, but the other two agreed and the comments in the visitors book seemed to back it up. Still, the place has got loads of potential – given some time to develop it further it could become great. We had fun regardless – after all we were out in the countryside playing on bikes and they quite clearly rock.

Man, I’m proper tired now. G’night!

6 Responses to “Moving, keep on moving…”

1. Simon

So are you near where we used to live whilst at Pennant? Where I had the huge front room and Tracey was there as well. I class that as the park area of ‘Nam.

I really should visit again one day, I do actually miss the place. Though im not doing any of this mountain bike exercise malarky. It was bad enough cycling to Owens when he moved, that nearly killed me :p

2. Olly

You mean Gratton Road? I’d forgotten you ever living there… But aye, it’s just up the road.

3. samuri

I thought Llandegla was good in a fun sort of way, but yes, the flow gets broken at certain points and it’s far from challenging.

In all, I think they’ve done a pretty good job with the limited space, I’m not sure how much more they can do with it. It’s certainly not worth a drive past better manufactured places if it takes more than an hour to get there. But it’s my closest park, so I may go there and storm round it twice.

4. Dave B

Fixed the hole in the kitchen ceiling yet? :)

5. Steve

You were on the wrong bike Olly. Next time call in and borrow the Pompino. But yes, agreed ;-)

6. Olly

You rode it on a fixed pompy and you think I’m wrong?!