They failed

Some little scrotes tried to nick my bike from work today.

They sliced straight through the Kryptoflex cable, but thankfully the (very expensive) New York Lock defeated them. Luckily, Tim left work just as they were coming back for a second go, which scared them off.

The greedy buggers clearly wanted the whole bike though: Nicking either wheel would have been pretty easy after they’d cut through the cable lock. Thankfully they were too thick to figure that out.

I think I’ll be borrowing Brett’s uber-cheap “Probike” for the next few days…

4 Responses to “They failed”

1. Weon

Theiving scumbags. Fit your bike with a 100,000 volt shocker so that when theives touch it they get fried.

Maybe it’ll be more secure at your new orifices…

2. Weon

I apologise for my horrendous spelling of the word Thieve (and all associated derivatives)

3. Olly

Would you like me to edit it for you? ;-)

I tell you what, the Probike is ace! It’s really heavy, the steering’s a bit iffy and it’s way too small for me, but get it up to speed and there’s no stopping it! That’s largely because there’s no front brake though…

I won’t need to bike to the new office – it’s about 500 yards from the new house!

4. Weon

Oh yeah – I forget that you are moving house!