I’ve been blog-tagged

Sheila² got me: The object of the game is to reveal 5 things about you, which most readers probably don’t know, then nominate 5 friends to do the same.

So then, here’s five things you might not know about me:

  1. My dad and I went to watch the Isle of Man TT several times on his classic bikes, including a Matchless G3LS (350cc single), an AJS 500cc twin and later a Honda CB750 (the rest of the family followed in an old VW Minibus). The Honda was my favourite at the time, though I look back on the 350 most fondly. The last time we went, the I.O.M. Steam Packet Company crashed one of their ferries into Douglas harbour. Joey Dunlop was a boyhood hero of mine, so seeing him win at the TT was pretty special.
  2. At school we built a wall-climbing robot that got us second place in the local Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. It used compressed air and suction cups to climb up smooth surfaces. I did all the artwork – it was probably my first proper bit of design. Looking back, it was a bit rubbish. The awards were held at the old motor racing circuit at Brooklands in Surrey.
  3. On the same day I had a look around the Sultan of Brunei‘s old private plane which was housed there. Very plush. A few years later at college, I became friends with Steve, who comes from Brunei. The plane was still at Brooklands when I visited an Auto Italia event with Owen & Anne a couple of years ago. The three of us finally made it out there for Steve’s wedding earlier this year.
  4. I’m a founder member of the Kusatado Ninja and I’ve got the bright yellow jersey to prove it. We took turns “racing” mountain bikes round in circles for 24 hours. I use the term “racing” in the loosest possible sense – we didn’t do very well, but we had a great time burning round on bikes, burning on the blazing sunshine and getting high on RedBull. Wonderful.
  5. When I was a kid, we used to live right on the River Wey, in Guildford. We had a large canvas-covered canoe that my dad, my sister and I would row up and down the navigation, carrying it around the locks and generally having a laugh. We had a big adventure one day after some particularly heavy rain. The current carried us for miles, we took some interesting detours through water-meadows (they take the overflow when the river floods) and nearly got dragged down the odd weir. In the end we had to phone my mum and get her to come and collect us in the minibus.

You know what? It was good fun reminiscing about that lot. Good times.

And with that I tag you Weon, Matt, Simon, Rich and other SimonAndy.

9 Responses to “I’ve been blog-tagged”

1. Sheila2

Heh great to know those facts about you – I’ve heard so much about the Isle of Man TT, I’ll have to get there on year … I would love to have seen inside the Sultan of Brunei’s old private plan :-)

2. garry

Yo! dude i used to have a matchless g80 engine in a G3LS frame complete with BSA forks and suzuki tank and seat, a proper bitza!

3. grant

/waits to see if Matt/Simon/Rich reveal anything….

4. Simon (other)

Right considering the only two peeps I really know who blog are you and owen (and you’ve already done it) I can see it being a tad tricky to find another 4 peeps… I doubt myspace blogs count do they? :p

So i’ll give you one thing here…

My mum got a 1st at French and as part of her course she stayed over in France. Many years later the same people asked if we could put up their son, who shared my room for a week. That chap turned out to be a disabled (he lost a leg) world champion at table tennis and has one gold at the olympics. He knew who Blackburn were, so I liked him. Unlike that scary man in France when I was there with Brett and Olly… Chris Waddle!!

5. Andy Armstrong

Bah! I’ve been waiting for somebody to tag me :)

6. Olly

Well seeing as Simon cheated and did it here, consider yourself tagged :)

7. Nick

One of my earliest memories is being driven around sitting on the tank of a Matchless, aged about 3. Old British bikes are fab.

8. Sven Fischer


the five points are good – really. I have tagged your site ;-)

Greetings from germany

9. Robert Morgen

Hi Olly,
Could you send me the details on your Young Entrepreneur Award?

It might make a nice story for my Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast.

Robert Morgen :)
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