I know, I know. I’ve been a bad little blogger. I’ve not been keeping you amused very much of late. The truth is I’ve just fallen out of the habit of writing regularly1 and I’ve found it difficult to get myself back into the groove.

I’ve sat down umpteen times to write about something and just been completely unable to make any headway. I’ve started writing, thought “that’s complete crap” and just closed the browser. My in-built self censorship has got in the way a bit too: I’m quite shy by nature, so when a difficult subject comes along I can find it hard to talk openly about it, even with close friends and family. The same carries through to my writing, although to a lesser extent.

It’s not like there’s been nothing for me to write about. Plenty’s happened since I last wrote anything much about my life. There’s a couple of things I want to get out there over the next few days and hopefully that’ll kick me back into blogging. We’ll see.

1. It’s not just here either – my posts on mailing lists and fora have almost completely dried up too. Some might argue that it’s a good thing ;)

2 Responses to “Sporadic”

1. Sara

I certainly miss reading your posts, but its definitely nothing to apologize for. it happens to ALL of us. And blogging definitely loses its appeal when you feel like you HAVE to make a post and it becomes a job.

2. Leon

my last post was 8th Dec 2004… think I might have some catching up to do…