Spoofing spammers

I woke up this morning to find Google Notifier telling me I had 205 new messages. What the hell?

Ah. They’re all failed delivery notices. Some spamming bastard has sent out a batch of unsolicited e-mails spoofed to look like they came from someone at thinkdrastic.net.

Rest assured it wasn’t me. I hate spam as much as the rest of you.

Nope, I just get to clear up the mess afterwards. No doubt I’ll find my domain on all sorts of blacklists now. Oh great joy. I’m in such a great mood now.

Oh, happy christmas everybody.

5 Responses to “Spoofing spammers”

1. SimonB

Spammers r cnut

Merry Christmas Olly :)

2. sara

That has happened to me in two seperate instances. It really sucks and is a pain in the ass to get off the spam lists once you’re on. Bunch of punks if you ask me!

3. grant

Seems to have happened to me over the weekend. How did you stop it in the end?

4. Olly

I ignored it and it went away :)

5. Olly

…and then it came back, big stylee :(

Andy was forwarding [email protected], but seeing as all the spams were using made up addresses, I’ve got him to switch over to only forwarding [email protected] – slightly less convenient but I’ll be getting about a million fewer failure notices in my inbox.