Pink for October

I’m a bit late to the party here, but what the hell.

Inspired by Phu, Anton and Matthew, I’ve turned this site ever so subtly Pink for October (you might need to hit refresh), in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Mmm, garish.

6 Responses to “Pink for October”

1. SimonB

Pink is good

2. Sheila Farrell

What a wonderful idea for raising awareness and supporting a great cause

3. matt


I support breast cancer care stuff all year so I am always pink, got to love them boobies.

4. Olly

Mmm, you’re pink already. You ought to go lime green for october or something :)

5. Caz Mockett

You really ought to tweak the Microformats logo on the previous post, ‘cos orange looks ‘orrible with pink ;-)

Besides, they have a green version, so why not pink too??

6. matt

“You ought to go lime green for october or something :)”

maybe for November, in support of Limes Disease?




goddamn it!