Sometimes it comes out of nowhere

I’d been fighting with my own imagination all day. I was trying to get my head in the right place to design something and it just wasn’t happening. Photoshop was sat there, wide open, but nothing was happening.

I spent some time answering people’s questions on the SitePoint forums. I doodled for a bit. I looked at the various CSS gallery sites. I even read A List Apart’s stunningly well timed new article, Designing Through the Storm to no avail. I read through some of my RSS feeds but there was nothing that grabbed me.

It just wasn’t happening. My mind was in the wrong place.

I stared at the blank canvas in Photoshop. I stuck our corporate logo on there and suddenly it wasn’t quite so blank anymore. Now, what if I was to run the nav down there this time…?

The next time I looked up it was 7 p.m. and everybody else had left the office. I had the beginnings of a nice mock-up in front of me now though. That icon looks out of place there, though… nope, leave it, the cleaners have started hoovering, time to get out.

I bet when tomorrow rolls around I’ll have lost the thread again.

4 Responses to “Sometimes it comes out of nowhere”

1. matt

Sounds familiar.

I usually tool around, get to the end, and realise I hate it.. or sometimes start, place logo, HATE, start again, place logo, HATE, ARGGHHH!!!

2. Simon

At least you have the logo to start with :-p

3. Weon

What you need are some kiddies crayons and a large sketch pad. I seem to remember that approach worked for us before…

4. Candice Harris

It’s ok. We need sometimes such days in order to realise all the charm of creative life!:)