Shiny new toys

Some shiny new RockShox Pikes arrived today (thanks Brett). Chunky, heavy, nice. So far I’ve managed to bung them on the ‘dale and razz them around the garden. They’re proper plush!

They’re a shorter fork than the All Mountain 3s were, so the front of the bike’s a bit lower. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but it seems nice enough. I guess I’ll get to test it properly tomorrow.

7 Responses to “Shiny new toys”

1. matt

lower front ends are great in twistery stuff :)

2. Sara

If I knew ANYTHING about bikes I’m sure i could find soemthing witty to say.

3. matt

oh and one more thing


4. Weon

They seemed to work OK yesterday apart from giving you a puncture (althought hat may have been due to a rock or something equally pointy).

5. Olly

Mmm, that was an interesting moment. I’m very glad it wasn’t the front wheel!

Gert big DH tube in there now though, sorted.

6. Simon

All sounds a bit fishy to me…

*gets coat*

7. Olly