Tyre tracks

Cannondale Prophet and Ferrari 456GT

I took the new toy up Leckhampton Hill today. It was a struggle – my body just didn’t want to know. I had the raw power required to get up hills, just not the lung capacity to do it without nearly dying. Despite all that, I had a barrowload of fun, especially firing down the rocky section up by the devils chimney. Always good for a laugh, that one. The final descent of the old tramway was ace too.

I spotted the Ferrari in the supermarket car-park en-route home and figured it’d make a good shot. Alas my camera isn’t great in low-light situations. The idea was there, even if I couldn’t quite carry it off. Maybe some sort of mini-tripod might have helped?

One Response to “Tyre tracks”

1. Simon

Is this an effort to make your bike look more manly by placing it near a Ferrari? :p

I’m sory but its just no slick green Raleigh Lizard.