For possibly the first time this year, we had a sky. By which I mean a blue sky with some semblance of sunshine. Up until now it’s been dull and greyall the time.

See, good stuff has happened. I had a fantastic Christmas. I got a new bike, which rides rather well. I had my appraisal at work and came out the other end very well – and recent website launches and upgrades have recieved generally good feedback. I’ve seen great films, with great friends. Yet still I feel somewhat down at the moment.

I don’t really know why, so I’m going to blame the grey. Looking out of the office window and seeing sunshine made it all feel so much better. If only I could have escaped into the hills to enjoy it… ROLL ON THE WEEKEND!

One Response to “Sky!”

1. Weon

Hey Olly, I’ll do some acrobatics to cheer you up.

<miss landing>
<break wind>
<break arm>

Bugger. I hope you are happy now.