Some things to note:

  • It was really bloody cold out today. Despite the pissing rain and the feeling quite unwell I went out riding anyway – after all, I have a new bike to play on. I’m glad I did, it was ace!
  • I’ve not ridden in clipless pedals for ages, but I got back into riding them as if I’d never stopped. I’d forgotten about the way they don’t want to clip-in when the sole of the shoe is clogged up with snow. That’s ever so slightly annoying when you’re approaching a tricky and steep bit of trail.
  • Yes, it’s quite snowy up on Cleeve Hill. Not snowy enough to board, but plenty to turn the landscape white.
  • The climb up Gambles lane is an absolute sod. It goes like this: Sit and spin until it gets really steep, then stand up and stomp. Die of exhaustion upon arrival at the top.
  • I don’t think I’ve got enough air in the forks and there’s perhaps a little too much in the rear shock. On the way down Cleeve Hill I was constantly bottoming the forks, while the back was skipping around a fair bit. It got loads better when I just let go of the brakes and went for it, but then I went blind from the spray. Must get around to buying some riding glasses.
  • I’d forgotten just how fast you can go when you’ve got a full complement of gears – handy when you’re on the wrong side of town and it’s getting dark very quickly. I also kept forgetting to change down when approaching a red traffic light – trying to pull away in top gear is quite difficult isn’t it?
  • I struggled to get used to the SRAM X-7 shifters. You change to a smaller sprocket by pushing from the opposite side to a Shimano Rapidfire shifter. Most confusing for my tiny little mind.
  • My Raceface Freeride Team jacket is really good in these conditions. I didn’t get overly hot and never felt particularly cold. Very glad I bought it now.

Yes, I think me and the Cannondale are going to get along quite nicely thank-you. Now, where do they sell fitness and strength? I seem to have lost all of mine over Christmas…

Oh yes, I forgot to take my camera with me. Some “nice clean bike parked in the house” shots as and when I can be bothered.

Update: Some “dirty bike out on the trail” shots from today (8th Jan) can now be seen over at Flickr.

4 Responses to “Experience”

1. SimonB

New bikes rock. I can’t believe you’ve got snow though, lucky bastard.
If you find out where they sell fitness and strength them let me know please, I am seriously lacking in both at the moment.

2. matt

Awoooo new bikes are ace, as are re-conditioned old ones; I don’t plan to have a new bike for a long time.

3. grant

GSB. Again. :-)

I don’t plan a new bike in the forseeable future, but I know what the unplanned new bike probably will be. :-)

4. Olly

Nor did I matt :-/

Si – it’s not proper snow, just an inch or so, and it turns to rain towards the bottom of the hill.