Later dude

We [myself, Brett, Adam, Justin and Steve] visited Gethin, South Wales on Sunday, for the second weekend in succession. Despite some grey skies in the morning, it brightened up nicely, leaving us with a grippy, fun course on which to pilot our downhill bikes. “Alpine Olly” was back in force, riding the bike properly again. The top and open sections provided the most entertainment. They’re ace fun once you learn the right lines through the tight, twisting switchbacks. The rock garden is still a real challenge and shows what long-travel bikes are really made for. A great day all-round.

Adam riding the Rock Garden at Gethin, South Wales

This was probably the last time we’d see Adam on a downhill bike for a while. There’s a short video of him too [AVI, 4.26mb]. This weekend he leaves Cheltenham to spend 12 months doing a digital effects masters degree down in Bournemouth. Good luck dude!

4 Responses to “Later dude”

1. matt

Have fun Adam, I’d say good luck, but it you’re doing a Masters it’s clear you have talent.


2. Owen

All the best to Mr Adam – have fun chap!

3. Red_Reaper

Thanks guys. Its been excellent fun.

I’m going out for drinks this Friday night, you’re all welcome. Meeting in Slak at 8.

4. Mum & Dad

Love you Ads.