Separated at birth?

I’m sure someone’s posted about this already, but here goes anyway.

I was going through my RSS feeds, got to Cidoc, and clicked through a couple of articles.

One of the first told me about the Scottish Arts Council’s logo, brand and such-like. The very next one told me about Quark’s new logo and identity.

It’s fresh, inviting, and open says Quark. I can just imagine the response at SAC: Maybe it is, but it’s exactly the same bloody logo as ours!

3 Responses to “Separated at birth?”

1. matt

zee ole iz larger in zee quark un

2. Olly

Is that a reflection on their products? ;-)

3. Owen

Hmm, I’ve got to design a logo for a company whose name begins with a Q. These have given me an idea :-P