An Orange 222 frameset

Yes, it’s another bike. Yes, I’m a silly boy. What can I say? It’s an addiction…

9 Responses to “Acquisition”

1. Simon

What is it with you and stupid looking frames :-p

2. Olly

It’s because they remind me of you ;-)

3. matt

OO you sexy boy.

what bits did you say you were missing?
ah the hub..

4. Owen

Ha ha ha ha ha! You really are addicted aren’t you? Nice frame though – are you now going to sell on your Azonic?

5. gordon

hmmmmm lovely ( you can tell I’m an Orange owner as well ) … when you coming up to show us in Scotland?

6. Olly

Owen – no idea what I’m doing with all the other stuff yet.

Gordon – Um… when I get around to it? New Year would be good, assuming Grant invites us again…

7. grant

New Year? Aye, probably. People will just have to actually come this time. ;-)

Wil have to clear with the boss, plus I’d need numbers ASAP!!

8. Callum (cousin)

it looks amazing your the best

9. Charlie

muwhahaha, welcome to the orange revolution!