There is this theory of the Mobius…

A couple of years back, when working for a small design firm, I put together a little website for a new restaurant in Leicester, called Mobius.

I was quite proud of it at the time, except for the glaring bug. It makes use of the Suckerfish menu system. Due to a (still unfixed) bug in Gecko-based browsers (including Firefox), if the menu intersects with an element which has a style of overflow:auto;, it’ll disappear as soon as you mouse-over that element.

At the time this really annoyed me. I posted on various web-forums asking if anybody had come across the same problem and if so, how they went about fixing it. It soon became clear that it was a bug in the browser, and there wasn’t a lot I could do about it. In the end, I gave up and left it. At the time, Firefox was very much a niche browser, not one who had been downloaded by 80 million users and was coasting comfortably past the 10% market share point. Alas, the site still suffers from the problem, just as it always did.

Out of the blue

Now, I was quite surprised when out of the blue, two years later, someone calling themselves “Event Horizon” emailed me out of the blue with a potential fix for the problem. “Perhaps you could apply this fix on the Mobius site you worked on.” they said. “Not likely” I replied, “I don’t work there anymore, but thanks nonetheless”.

The very next day, I was ever so slightly taken aback once more, when I took a phonecall from Mark Sanders at Chorlton Web & Design. “Two years ago” he said, “you had some problems with overflow in Firefox”. “Indeed I did” said I, “and in a very odd turn of events, I got an email about the fix last night”. “Bloody Hell!” exclaimed he. Very bizarre.

Anyway, I figured that if two people were going to contact me about the problem in the same week, there’s quite a demand for this knowledge. So I thought I’d share the story and the link to the solution. I hope it’s useful to someone.

4 Responses to “There is this theory of the Mobius…”

1. Simon

Well thank god for that, I can sleep easy after those two years of restless nights…

The old flash and virtual tour thingies still bring back bad memories of a small garage near Oxford… no Tom not Dr Hook again! :-

Have you looked at my site yet old man?

2. Olly

Not yet [clicks link…] Oooh, much nicer. Good effort. I like the little quotes on every page.

The links across the top didn’t work on my first attempt, seem to be fine now though. It’d be nice to be able to browse the reviews, listed by artist or album perhaps? You are allowed to use more than just Verdana, too :)

What the hell is that in your avatar? A penguin with a roll-neck jumper?

3. Simon

Its a bit of my Les Paul guitar, one thats on the first page of the new site, not a penguin.

I’ve no idea whats going on with the links, its just in firefox and just once when you first load the page. I wish I knew how to fix it :- Glad you like the look anyways, quite surprised.

I’m going to be tweaking the reviews bit at some point. Do you mean browse the entire list? if you dont enter anything and press enter you get the whole list. Yours are still there.

Verdana is nice though, I dont like any others :-p

4. Olly

Go on, try something else for the headings. Maybe just small-caps Verdana bold in another colour might work. Go on, play with it.

There’s plenty of other fonts you can try, too – and leave Verdana as a fallback.