Brighten their day

You know when you go into the supermarket at the end of the day and the checkout girlie (or indeed blokie) blatantly doesn’t want to be there? You know, grumpy, really wants to go home, that sort of thing – just like you or I at the end of a bad day.

Smile. Be cheery. Say please and thank-you. It’s amazing how often they’ll cheer up. you’ll find that they start the transaction as a grumpy monkey and and up as a shiny happy monkey. You’re the winner. Feel free to carry on with your day as normal.

Anyway, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been going through one of those phases where I’ve got plenty to write but no real motivation to do it. Moving house (let me know if you want my new address) didn’t help. It’s the summer too, so there’s always something better to be doing outside. And lots of other excuses too, while I’m at it.

Anyway, I’m now living in a rather fantastic thatched cottage. My sister has major house envy, which is always a bonus. I’m still in Cheltenham, just a bit further out than before. The cycle-commute is longer as a result, which is probably a good thing, even if riding a bike is the last thing I want to do on some mornings. Which reminds me, I must put the rear-mudguard back on if these storms are going to persist in soaking me. I’d best do that now, or I’ll forget and end up sitting in damp trousers all day tomorrow or something. Laters.

2 Responses to “Brighten their day”

1. Owen

“sitting in damp trousers all day” – Just another day in the office eh? ;o)

So, when is the CBGN? The C in this case standing for Cottage (but definately NOT cottaging).

2. Olly

Like I said in another post – He can’t plan his life beyond tomorrow so who knows when that might be… ;-)