The perils of cold wet concrete

Time to head for home. Unlock the bike, put the lights on, climb aboard. Pedalpedalpedal, swing it out then carve into the first corner, same as normal…SCKRE-THUD!


Get up, look down at the bike. Look back at the ground. What the hell happened there then? Brush myself down. Somehow I hit my hip, my arse and the front of my knee. That bloody hurts.

You okay?

Aye, fine thanks. Its a bit slippy there.

Pick up bike. straighten out mudguard. Get back on. Carry on as normal — but slower.

That still bloody hurts.

4 Responses to “The perils of cold wet concrete”

1. matt

You be correct.

2. SimonB

That’s what happens when you have mudguards on your bike I’m afraid.

3. Olly

Its either that or being sat at work all day with a wet arse. I know you’re into that sort of thing, but for me its really not a turn-on ;)

4. matt

It all depends on the cause of the wet arse, really.