The Next Grey Album?

The Beastles Cover Art

You might well remember The Grey Album – where a DJ mashed up Jay-Z’s Black Album with The Beatles White Album.

Well now a certain “dj BC” has done the much the same thing, except that in this case they’ve mixed The Beastie Boys with the Beatles, to create The Beastles — and early indications are that it works quite well.

[Don’t be at all surprised when that link falls off of the face of the net… via Nick Bradbury]

3 Responses to “The Next Grey Album?”

1. grant

Not too shabby.

Oh, you have mail to answer, lOlly.

2. Dale

If Soulseek was working I’d download it

3. Olly

You don’t need Soulseek! The MP3s are right there! :)