I thought it was cold outside today

Its apparently 5°C outside. That means for the daily commute I’m dressed in a snow-coat, wooly hat, gloves and have the option of a scarf in my bag.

A Wooly Hat!

The fact that I’m riding along at ludicrous speed means that I create my own wind-chill. On the way out of the house I say to my housemate its really bloody cold today!

How wrong was I?

Stuart recently moved to New York. He’s scared to leave the apartment – because its -10C or -25C with the windchill.

Whats more, in my Alien Loves Predator email this morning, I’m told It is very, very cold today. Do not go outside.

All of a sudden I’m glad I live in slightly warmer climes.

9 Responses to “I thought it was cold outside today”

1. Simon #2

Wimpy bike riders cant handle a gentle breeze… in my day we had to walk with ice blokes on our feet over 50 mile in wind’nt rain… nah wait tell a lie I got a lift.

2. matt

yes it is cold

3. Matt 33 1/3

Si, what exactly does an ice bloke look like?? … and maybe more importantly, why were they on your feet??
weirdo! ;o)

4. Simon #2

Its a bloke made out of ice obviously… and they gave up their lives to be shoes… nothing to do with the fact I cant spell, well I come from Devon what do you expect.

Anyways Olly and anyone else, go look at my new design on my site, baddly designed using CSS :o) and bound not to work on anyones browsers :o)

5. Olly

Wow, thats just plain boootiful ;-)

6. grant

Suvern puffs.


7. matt

BUT, GRANT, you have thick insulation :)

8. grant

oooh, a code.

I wish the insulation was thinner for sure.

Yer still suvern puffs though. :)

9. Olly

The captcha code’s gone now, it broke stuff :o(