Some links for your perusal

Crooked Nines

I’m loving the current Evil Nine single, Crooked. Now its got an ace new video.


Stupid name, cool gadget, nice looking website with some cool little features (just don”t look at the code beneath it).

Now, I know I said it was a nice site earlier, but its not. I clicked on the music link and got told “The site you have tried to enter requires Internet Explorer 6 (or better)” — the thing is, I am using something better than IE6! Rubbish.

The Marriage of Presentation and Structure

One for the web geeks amongst you: Ethan Marcotte‘s Presentation from Web Design World 2004. Built using Eric Meyer’s S5 – its like Powerpoint for the web.

Ten million users

Mozilla Firefox is downloaded 10 million times in just over a month. That is very very impressive work.

Google to buy lots of scanners

The libraries of five of the world’s most important academic institutions are to be digitised by Google.

6 Responses to “Some links for your perusal”

1. matt

Do you think you could have put more links in that blog post?

2. matt

Have one of these :D too
they are free.

3. Olly

I could have, but I figured that eight was enough ;-)

Oh, and :D – seeing as they’re free!

4. matt

Yip Yoo

5. Olly

Is lack of sleep affecting you today?

6. matt

f–king right. :@