So, today…

…I’ll be opening up my Marzocchi Super-T Pros for the first time. Wish me luck!

Marzocchi Super-T Pro

And then a bit later on…

I’ve just had one of those “OH B******S!” moments.

I went over to the Windwave site and downloaded some of their excellent technical guides to servicing your Marzocchi fork. They explain the whole oil and spring change in a very clear and simple manner — unfortunately they can’t take human error into acocunt.

I took everything apart. I poured the old oil out. I noted how the oil in the damper-cart leg was black and horrible, and how it was lovely and clean in the other leg. I replaced it with new oil. I put everything back together. I rode around the car-park, noting that the fork is now a lot more supple, but there’s still perhaps a little too much oil in there. “I’ll sort that out next time around”, I think to myself.

And then it happens. I’m disposing of the old fork oil when “Ooh, whats that?”. That’ll be one of the washers from inside the fork then. That really ought to be on the inside of the fork. But I’ve got no daylight left, and there’s no lights in the garage. There’s no way in hell that I’m doing this in the flat.

Oh well, that’ll have to wait for next weekend then. The complete lack of daylight in the winter is such a pain in the backside! You live and learn…

And then about a week later…

I emailed Windwave during the week to find out where the mystery washer should go. It took about five minutes flat to take the top-cap off of the the fork, take a few bits out, put the washer back where it was supposed to go and then put it all back together. I could probably have done it in the dark. I still think there’s a bit too much oil in there but I’ll test ride it first.

8 Responses to “So, today…”

1. no-matt-like-i-said

You need a light.

2. Olly

Well spotted :-)

3. matt

Do you not have power in your garage?

4. Olly

Alas not. And we don’t have the longest extension lead in the world :(

5. matt

make an extension, run it from house to garage inside some garden hose… sorted :)

6. Owen

There’s always plenty of daylight in the mornings – try one sometime!

7. Olly

Now you’re just being silly!

8. matt

LOLLY wouldn’t be caught dead in the morning :)