It is done

3251 Songs, 10.5 Days, 19.04 GB

All of my CDs are now in iTunes. Rock on, quite literally. Methinks I’ll be needing something slightly bigger than a 20gb iPod

18 Responses to “It is done”

1. matt

You don’t have many cds :)
I can;t be arsed ripping mine

2. grant

Thought you had a creative labs jobber?

Mine arrived today. Shame I don;t get to use until the 25th

3. matt

Demand it now/ that;s 15 days of wasted enjoyment.

4. Olly

You’re right, I don’t have that many. It still took bloody ages to rip them all though…

5. matt

It would do.
I rip some when I am absolutely despirate to have a certain album on my iPod, but otherwise I keep MP3 and CD music separate.

I have thousands of songs I have never ever listened to.

6. Olly

Seek them out and listen to them. Its fun.

I need more hard drive again.

7. grant

That’s why I’m hard drive shopping in January.

8. Olly

For me? You’re too kind ;-)

Novatech have got an 80 gig for about £35 at the mo! That’s bonkers!

9. grant

For me, muppet.

Going to see if it’s viable sticking a new HD and processor in an old PC kicking around here, Currently has a 233mhz pentium and a 2 gig HD. :-$

10. Olly

Go to Novatech, then go to motherboard bundles, then find a reasonably priced one. That should sort you out with a decent CPU and some RAM. Hard discs are cheap as chips too.

Um… why do I keep advertising Novatech? See also Scan, eBuyer, etc…

11. grant

Motherboard bundles? Hm….Sounds scary.

There’s a reason I don’t like Novatech but I can’t remember what it is.

12. Olly

Well, they send you a motherboard, processor and RAM, for you to plug all you exisiting hard drives, graphics cards and the like into. Its a fairly cheap way to upgrade your PC.

13. grant

£100 for the bundle, £40-ish for a HD.

Hm….sounds like a plan.

New box too methinks.

(and a DVD writer for this Pc here.

14. Olly

If you want a new box for it, they do barebones systems – which is the same thing but in a new box…

15. matt

The new computer I want is about £6k!

16. Olly

It doesn’t happen to say Powermac Dual G5 on the box does it? I want that one too!

17. matt

the monitor says something like 23″ cinema display..
imagine all that screenspace!.

18. Olly

YOU ONLY WENT FOR THE 23 INCHER!? But there’s a gert big 30″ version available!