I ♥ NY

Myself and my good friend Lisa spent a few days in New York last week. Blimey. They do BIG very well out there.

We weren’t there for long, so we decided that the best strategy was to pick a few things and visit them. In the end that went out the window in favour of wandering around taking in as much as we could before collapsing in a heap.

Some people looking over Ground Zero

Unfortunately I went down with a full on man-cold a couple of days in, so Lisa had to put up with my coughing fits for the rest of the trip. I didn’t let it slow me down at all though. A trip to a local pharmacy sorted me out with some Comterex, which did a pretty good job of masking the worst of the effects.

Blueberry muffins in a lake of syrup for breakfast? Aye, that’ll do me.

We carried on regardless, wandering round the city. The weather swung wildly from one day to the next, going from bright and cool one day to howling winds and driving rain the next — and right on back to bright sunshine again the day after.

We stopped off at all the big names: The Dakota Building, Central Park (beautiful), Times Square (bright and flashy), Broadway, Battery Park, the Staten Island Ferry (taking in views of The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Brooklyn Bridge), Ground Zero (where many of the surrounding buildings are still being repaired three years on), Tiffany’s, Trump Tower (home of possibly the most ostentacious shopping mall on earth), the New York Public Library (an amazing building), St. Patricks Cathedral (another amazing building), the list goes on…

We stopped off in traditional diners, cafes, sandwich bars, coffee shops and good old McDonalds (it tastes much better over there). Blueberry muffins in a lake of syrup for breakfast? Aye, that’ll do me.

Kraft Restaurant, 42nd Street

Sadly it was all over far too soon. There was so much more that I wanted to see but we just didn’t have the time. We both really want to go back — for more than just a few days next time. Maybe next time I’ll be able to finally meet up with you Stuart?

There’s some more pictures from the trip over in The Gallery.

Oh, and steam really does come out of the ground, just like in the movies!!!

15 Responses to “I ♥ NY”

1. Simon

RE: Gallery, Someone’s read Eric Meyers More CSS book then… as always problems in IE but hey. Anyways i’m jealous and you’re a bitch :op how is your “good friend” Lisa? Miss you older people who made me feel young :op

2. matt

Very good, Mr Thingyo.
Was it ‘so good’ that they had to ‘name it twice’ ?

3. grant

lOlly….could you explain “Myself and my good friend Lisa” for me, thanks.

Simply, are you or aren’t you? ;-)

Oh, coming up to Scotland or not??????

4. Olly

Si – OI! Bah, the youth of today… I’ve never read an Eric Meyer book in my life. IE is just shit ;o)
Matt – Aye, it is. Really want to go back. Now.
Grant – I’m sure I’ve explained this to you before. “my good friend” means exactly that and nothing more. Not sure about new year yet.

5. Stuart

You’re more than welcome, Olly old boy.

6. grant


(on all counts!)

If you don’t come/delay any longer, I’ll have to invite Matt or something!

7. matt

I don’t do new year/christmas/scotland :)

8. grant

You actually think I was going to waste my time inviting you? ;-)

9. matt

NOPE :o)

10. grant

Good. At least you realise that you are a waste of space in such endeavors.

11. Olly

Meeeeeoooow ;o)

12. grant


[ommitted from last post in error]

13. matt

I might try to fall in love with the Heckler again, and then go to Glentress.
Sometime around April/May perhaps, before I have clicked into roadie mode :)

14. Olly

Glentress is flinking ace, you really should head up there, even if just to pacify Mr Grumpyguts ;-)

15. grant

There’s always New Year’s Day………………

The new Spooky Woods is ace. Super flowey, smooth, bermy, small droppy, lovelyness.
Matt…most people become roadies over winter, not summer… ;-)