Alpha-blended Clagnuts

After a fair bit of faffing about, I’ve implemented Clagnut‘s Onload image fades without Flash script over in The Gallery. You’ll know it when you see it.

Please feel free to look at it in all of your fancy-pants browsers and let me know if it works properly — I’ve only got IE/Windows and Firefox here. Oh, and I’m well aware of the issues the site has in IE5/Windows at the moment. One of these days I’ll get around to fixing it…

And now I may have mended it!

The fadey stuff that is. Its no longer broken for Opera users! Hoorah! Of course, the site still looks horrendous in IE5.x. Maybe tomorrow…

And now I may have mended it even better!

In an unprecendented sequence of site testing and bug fixing, I seem to have made just about all of work in IE5.5 and 6 for Windows, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and Opera 7.54!

Of course, IE5.0 is doing some crazy wierdo stuff with the gallery, but it does seem to actually work for the most part, which is the main thing. I’ve had a quick look and can’t see whats wrong. I figure that its your fault if you’re still using IE5.0. Not only does it mess up perfectly good CSS, its a secutiry risk to your PC. Go and get something better!

12 Responses to “Alpha-blended Clagnuts”

1. rjw

Hmm, not sure I’d trust code from a page where the default font is virtually unreadable on my computer.

2. Olly

It doesn’t appear to work in Opera either. Probably have to wait for next week now though…

3. David Hasslehoff

I can’t see anything either.

The top of this page does something odd in Safari too, kinda dissappears then reappears, Oh it’s stopped doing it now.

‘Hoff Out.

4. Olly

Looks like I’ll be bug-fixing for some time to come then… :o)

5. Simon

Hmmm, can’t say I really like the effect much. It does work on my work pc though (IE6/XP Pro).

I’ve changed the background colour of my gallery. I’m getting good at this CSS stuff ;^)

6. Olly

I think my making it work for IE6 is what broke it for everything else ;o)

7. Simon

I say stuff all of the IE6 users. As long as stuff works in Opera it’s fine by me.
Can you fix your clock please?

8. Olly


Its quite confusing having two Simons posting here. I can only tell which is which by your :^) smiley.

9. Simon

Well my email or website should have appeared which would help identification, maybe it will appear now? Or I could change my name :^)

(ps, the gallery is foobared with opera 7.53/xp)

10. grant

Seems to sort of work in Firefox,

11. Dale

No worky in my firefox

12. Simon #2

Looks fine on IE at work for me, firefox kills my pc so cant use that. Guessing it doesn’t like NT, yes they are old pc’s before you ask.