Happy Brithday Simon!

All two of you. Many happy returns to Mr Pollard and Lord Everitt. Hope you’re having a good one.

That is all, please return to whatever you were doing before I rudely interrupted you.

13 Responses to “Happy Brithday Simon!”

1. comment_author_url)) { ?> matt matt

I was working.. so thanks for the interuption, lunch time now,

Oh and happy birthday person I do not know

2. comment_author_url)) { ?> Simon Simon

I was 27 yesterday, getting far too close to 30 for my liking. I have the week off work though to do f’all :-) woop.

3. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

Why is everybody so worried about being 30?

4. comment_author_url)) { ?> Owen Owen

Happy Birthday Simons

30 is no big deal. In fact, no age is that big a deal – just inevitable.

5. comment_author_url)) { ?> brett brett

yo bitches – happy birthday been doing loads of stuff carving on the glacier etc.. started leaning butter tricks
as well they look really cool. hope work is going ok my trainee instructor course is coming to an end and then its
loads of practice and shadowing actual lessons for 6 weeks. had a good powder day last week and did some cool
tree runs

see ya later, got more beer to drink


6. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

Oh sod off and take your snow with you ;-)

7. comment_author_url)) { ?> matt matt

yeah, 30, nothing to be scared of.

/starts shaking
/sees the number aproaching fast
/climbs over seats to the back of the rollercoaster
/jumps off and runs home
/closes blinds and hides behind sofa

8. comment_author_url)) { ?> Tom Tom

So how old are you currently Olly?

9. comment_author_url)) { ?> Owen Owen

Brett – glad to hear it’s going well. I am over my jealousy now.

I’ve moved on to deep resentment.

10. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly


11. comment_author_url)) { ?> Tom Tom

Couple more years and then you’ll be worried ;)

12. comment_author_url)) { ?> Sara Sara

I like 30. Its pretty damn good to me :)

Oh and happy birthday young one!

13. comment_author_url)) { ?> Simon Simon

Young one, woop :-)

Brett sounds like more of a bitch than ever, not that I am at all jealous… grrrr.